In March 2018 the keys to my late Grandma, Sandra's, house were handed over to the new owners of the property. In a quick bid to create a keepsake of the house my family had spent so much time in over the years, I picked whatever plants I could find in Sandra's garden. Her garden had been her passion; one that she was incredibly proud of, and despite the previous harsh winter, I managed to gather a variety of green survivors, having been nurtured and cared for by Sandra. This book is both an ode and in memoriam: a reminder that love feeds growth.

Handmade concertina book on watercolour paper containing eleven cyanotypes. 



Notes From Summer is a concertina book which was made to accompany a group exhibition of the same name. Read about it here.



Still Here explores time passing; quietly meditating on the relation we hold to our encompassing environment. Such broad themes require a lot of thought and can’t be narrowed down into a single set of images. In order to acknowledge the many verities to be explored within the themes, I have created a set of 10 individual artist books to be shown alongside the photographs. Each book is a contemplation of differing strands of idea, explored through the passing of time.

Limited edition of 10 boxes.